Secret World Inside You: Home Stretch!

October 9, 2015

I'm writing this post from my Dad's couch down in Florida and from this relaxing perspective, all I can say, "Wow! What a week!" 


We are in the real home stretch now of getting everything finalized for the upcoming exhibit on the microbiome at the AMNH and it has been intense.  Though our designs and the builk of the copy for the majority of our graphic panels have been done for a little while, some major components are still being finalized.  These include our two main digtial interactives, the videos that tell important pieces of the broad story and the script for what we hope is going to be a very fun live "lab" session to explain how scientists study the microbiome.  The actual installation into the gallery is going to begin very soon and I can't wait to see it all come to life!  We've been working on this exhibit for three years now, believe it or not.


In addition to the exhibit itself, there's also a lot of other work that is swirling around it.  My co-curator, Rob DeSalle and I have been busy preparing presentations for a variety of audiences, inlcuding one next week for our dedicated volunteers who will be in the exhibit throughout its tenure to help explain the content and answer questions.  We also reviewed the two guides that we provide for the exhibit to enrich the experience - one a general guide for all visitors and then a much more detailed booklet for teachers bringing their classes to the Museum, in which we help them coordinate components of the exhibit with curriculum learning goals.  We're part of the planning for marketing and educational events that will co-occur with the exhibit as well.


Finally, I've also been spending a lot fo time getting our microbiome card game, Gutsy, designed. It's unbelivably exciting and rewarding to watch this project now coming to life in bright fun cards.  Happy to say that we're on schedule and it should be ready to be sold in the exhibit gift shop by opening time.


A month from today, I hope I'll be relaxing on my own couch - after seeing all of this come to vivid life in the AMNH Gallery 3 -and geting to witness the experience of the first few hundred visitors as they take it all in.  


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